About Me

My name is Carol Howell and I am a Cambridge (NZ) based Pet Photographer. I specialise in pet photography and also some other genres such as head shots for businesses, sports and fashion photography to name a few.

Carol Howell Pet Photographer NZ

Hi! This is me and my two dogs




(picture courtesy of Emily Howell)

I developed an interest in photography as a hobby in 2009 and bought my first camera; a Nikon D3000 in 2011.  My passion for photography has grown from there. After trying out a few different genres, I replaced my camera with a D800 and have settled on working with pets. I LOVE dogs, but I am open to photographing any pet you may have.

Current projects I am involved in mean I donate some of my time to working with the Dog Dude (a canine behaviouralist) who runs a rehabilitation facility. I spend time there regularly to record the rehabilitation of dogs who are having problems or who need to be rehomed, and also to provide studio styled portraits of the many and varied pack members there.

I also am 1/3 of the Pet Posse.  My partners are Kelly Wolfe and Tara Sutherland. We participate in professional development sessions together and run workshops (click on this link to our workshop information page if you are interested in attending).

me & tara anzac day (kelly)_3268

me anzac day (kelly)_3271

(both pictures courtesy of Kelly Wolfe Photography)

When I am not taking pictures of pooches, I am generally found helping out with our small herd of dairy cows or running with my two standard poodles.

One of my other PASSIONS is image manipulation. My friends call me a maestro.

280914 swipsey_4285Everyone needs a bit of help here and there or maybe you have an ex-boyfriend you want gone from your family wedding picture, maybe you just want a professional polish to your images or just would like an extra set of hands? I can make it so.

I have extensive photoshop skills and am experienced at retouching/editing images and I offer this editing/ retouching service for your own digital files (providing they meet minimum requirements).

I take each project on a case by case basis and need a high resolution file (the original file is best if you have it) and can make almost anything disappear from your photograph.  Unfortunately there are limits to technology and low quality pictures are difficult to rescue.  I prefer a large jpeg file (at least)  The more pixels there are the larger the file is and the more I will have to work with and make an invisible repair.