Art Display ~ Cambridge Veterinary Services

I have joined with Cambridge Veterinary Services to create an Art Display in their new building.  The first batch of pictures went up on Monday this week!

Click this link to check out the Cambridge Vets website.

The staff were treated to pet photography sessions to create the prints and canvases that are up.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with people who are so passionate about their pets.  I have thoroughly enjoyed creating some beautiful moments to use as the basis for the Art Display.

It’s so hard to pick a favourite, but my top two sessions would have to be shooting the baby Hedgehogs with Emma is amongst my top 10 shoots of all time.  This session yielded a couple of outstanding shots.

Here’s a behind the scenes of the cutest newborn shoot you will ever see.

Behind the scenes of the hedgehog shoot for the art display

The cutest newborn shoot you’ll ever see

And the second of my top two shoots for the Art Display has to be a 3 way tie between Cindy’s dogs Moss & Roo, Andrea’s golden retrievers, Manny & Bandit, and Janine’s dog Dusty.  They are amongst my favourites not just because they have yielded some of the most gorgeous pictures yet, but because of the pets and their stories.  Moss & Roo are absolutely besotted with Cindy.  Roo is super handsome and born to be a model… provided you’re quick with the camera as he is a distractible character.

Art Display

Dog Photography

Manny & Bandit were adorable.  They have the sweetest faces and their natures match that of Andrea.  Dogs certainly are a mirror to their owners

Taitua Arboretum for the Art display

Manny and Bandit

Dusty & Janine.  I love working with older dogs.  Nothing phases them.  That makes it hard to get their attention for some contact with the camera, but I absolutely love a couple of the shots we got of him.  Here’s a before and after of my favourite shot which demonstrates how I sometimes get a shot.

I am still only about 1/3 of the way through the sessions so there will be pictures changing as they are shot and to celebrate the first batch of prints and canvases going up, I am going to run a promotion and drop some gift vouchers for  the first 5 clients* who book to de-sex their pets in the first week of June!


(*conditions apply)

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