Custom Studio Session
My top three pet photography tips are: 1. Location location location. Location is everything.  I am always looking for beautiful locations.  Somewhere absolutely stunning where the scenery and atmosphere is incredible and you just can’t help but look around your environment marvelling at how pretty it looks there.  That is the location […]

My Top Three Pet Photography Tips

Taitua Arboretum for the Art display
I have joined with Cambridge Veterinary Services to create an Art Display in their new building.  The first batch of pictures went up on Monday this week! Click this link to check out the Cambridge Vets website. The staff were treated to pet photography sessions to create the prints and canvases that are […]

Art Display ~ Cambridge Veterinary Services

Anyone who knows me knows I love photoshop.  I can spend hours and hours and still more hours photoshopping.  I know no moderation! Photoshopping all night and late into the wee hours of the morning is a regular occurrence. I never wake up with a photoshop hangover.  Yes, I love […]

The UTTER Magic of Photoshop