Catherine Haworth ~ Equine Artist

My good friend Catherine is an extremely talented equine artist!  She creates bespoke equine portraits (sometimes other animals) from photographs.

She created this beautiful picture of my own horse Hugo.

A bit of back story about Hugo.  We have a really special bond.  I bought Hugo as a yearling and he is now 18 years old (one careful lady owner, low mileage, original upholstery).  He cut his hind leg up really badly about a week after he came to live with me.  It was a challenging time for my young horse to deal with such an injury.  He actually severed his extensor tendon and it took months for it to repair and regrow.  During this time, he had to be confined and hard fed with grains and hay.

I sent him for some education with a brilliant horseman called Ken Hawkins.  He was a talented western riding guru who taught my pretty pony a bunch of tricks.

Hugo’s hind leg doesn’t effect him at all.  The resulting scar is rather large, but I hardly notice it these days.

I rode Hugo mainly on the roads around Cambridge.  He is an absolutely stunning horse and a beautifully calm, yet bold horse to ride.

As some of you may know, I have had my spine fused after an accident a number of years ago.  My surgeon recommended I give up riding after my surgery.  I simply have too much to lose if I fall off. So as a consequence of this, Hugo now spends his days semi-retired and hanging out with cows and calves on my lifestyle block  in Cambridge.

Please go and check out Catherine’s website.  She does the most elegant equine portraits!

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