How else can I help?

I have extensive photoshop skills and am experienced at retouching/editing images and I offer this editing/ retouching service for your own digital files (providing they meet minimum requirements).

For minor retouching which includes approximately 15 – 30 minutes of editing for removal of minor blemishes, flyaway hair removal, minor skin smoothing, my fee is $30.

For moderate retouching, which will include 30 – 45 minutes of  editing for  blemish removal, skin soothing, whitening teeth, minor body shaping, fly away hair removal. My fee is $45.

Below is an example of moderate retouching with a vintage edit.

For advanced retouching which will include 60 minutes of editing for any or all of the above, plus reflections in glasses, small object removal, simple background or sky replacement, person removal or insertion. My fee is $60 then $15/15 minutes there after.


[/caption]Removing people from shots is necessary sometimes.

I am very conscious of ethics and consider this when I’m reviewing a potential project.