New Cambridge Location!

Cambridge is the town of trees and there is no better place for a photographer to be during Autumn.

I am super excited about  a new location I stumbled across in my stunning home town the other day. I had been out on a long training run with the Fiona and Sullivan and I found the most incredible spot for a photoshoot!  It ticks all of the boxes.

Quiet – yay. not too many distractions

Colourful – Excellent autumn colours OUT NOW!

Epic Scenery – There are loads of gorgeous photo spots with interesting features and beautiful back drops.  I’m so excited about this spot.  I love it when I find locations this beautiful and within 5 minutes of my house!!!

I went back yesterday with my camera to scout the location properly and, to my delight, I found a couple of monarch butterflies that were fluttering around. (I’m just a wee bit obsessed with butterflies at the moment).

Butterflies are super hard to photograph while they are flying around.  They are tiny, move fast and are erratic in flight.

It is excellent practice for when I’m photographing action pictures of pets so I burned through about 50 frames to FINALLY nail this shot 🙂

As luck would have it, I have just had a couple of spots left for Autumn sessions open up! If you have been thinking about having some portraits of your pets done, this spot is amazing.  Either drop me an email ( or use the contact page.






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