Pawtrait Sessions Project

When people learn I am a Pet Photographer, I get responses much like “Oh how cute”, or “Wow! That must be such a fun job…”
Believe me it is ALL of that – and more.  It is also one of the most difficult genre’s to work in.  But I love it & can’t see myself doing anything different because I truely believe that everyone should have at least one nice photograph of their pets.  There is never a moment when this realisation hits harder than when someone’s pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness and may well be gone before their time. This is why the Pawtrait Sessions Project was born.

With this in mind, this weekend has been rather special for me because my dear friend & fellow pet photographer Tara Sutherland invited me to get onboard to collaborate with her on her Pawtrait Sessions Project.  Essentially, this is Tara’s “Giving Back” to the wider pet lover’s community.  How it works is people who have terminally ill, elderly or frail pets are nominated by their friends/families or Vet clinic.  From there, a recipient is selected and Tara arranges to fund the travel & session costs personally, through her Patrons, other donations, and people who support the project by booking special edition mini sessions.  The recipient then receives their Pet Photography session and all of their photographs at no cost to them.

This is such a fantastic initiative, and I was thrilled to join her in Wellington this time around.  Working with animals who have challenging times ahead  sure tugs at your heart strings, but we suck it up & make it happen… And this weekend we really made it happen!!

Meet Paul and his best friend Jett.

Pawtrait Sessions Project

Paul & Jett, Wellington

Jett is currently undergoing treatment for a potentially terminal illness.   He has 19 weeks of treatment scheduled all up & is approximately 6 or 7 weeks deep.  On Sunday, Jett was well enough to participate in his session at Onehunga Bay Beach in Titahi Bay.  Paul had asked Tara just to get some action shots, some of them hanging out together and to try and document some of their relationship.
And we did.  We captured some beautiful memories for Paul to reflect on when things start to get rugged.

Keep an eye out for Tara’s Session Blog – and have a look on both of our Facebook pages for some sneak peeks of Paul & Jett’s session – and of the other Mini Sessions we completed this weekend.

If you know of someone who needs to be part of this Project, you can find more information on Tara’s Giving Back section of her website.

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