Why a Pet Portrait?

Everyone deserves at least ONE great portrait of their pets!!

A portrait or photograph records a moment in time for us and are amongst the most precious possessions people have. They always rank highly on the list of things you would save in a fire as most photographs are irreplaceable.

Pet Photography is a genre that is established in the USA, gaining momentum in Australia and just emerging in New Zealand.  It’s exciting to be a part of this move towards firmly acknowledging our pets as family members.

People remember so many tiny details about their pets.  From their noses to their tails,  people  study and cherish every single little detail and I love to listen to people reminisce about their dearly loved pets.  I get pretty excited when they want to show me a photograph though.  Even more excited if they ask me to TAKE the photograph.  Treasure your pets. They will love you unconditionally their whole lives.



Pet portrait photography


Our pets live so fully in the moment.  It’s a sad fact that all too soon, they have run out of moments to share with us and they are gone. To capture the essence of them in a single image is the difference between a snapshot and a portrait.

I strive to get to know my models and look for their different expressions; goofy, solemn, happy or pensive.


NZ pet portrait photography


These are all aspects of their personality.  I love to work out what they like, how they react to certain words, noises or toys to help to create unique portraits that help them live on long after they are gone.

I love to provide owners with beautiful images of their pets.


It makes me happier than any other form of photography and this comes through in the images I create.


Carol Howell ~ Pet Photographer NZ