FAIL – Sometimes Nothing Goes Right.

Yep – True story.  I went out today, had two beautiful puppies to shoot and well… all I can say is gah… fail!  Out of 50 frames, I’m keeping one.  This one.

Border Collie puppy

Border Collie puppy

Cute huh? I went out with my friend Kelly and picked two puppies up.  This little girl and her sister were in need of rehoming. Nothing tragic – as you can see, she’s in good health, just needed a different place to be. But for some reason, I just could not find my shooting mojo.  Back in the beginning, I would have tried to salvage it by piecing together parts of pictures in a composite to make at least a couple of good ones.  That’s how I got so darn good at photoshop.  Another true story.  But, no matter how good I could photoshop the pictures, I would always feel there was something not quite right with them.  No one else would be able to tell what I had altered digitally, but I would know that the photograph was not my best work.  It was a composite of my mediocre work and in this industry, you don’t want to be putting forward mediocre work, nope.  Put forward only your best.

So I have learned that sometimes, it just happens.  Some days you just don’t connect with your subject/s because they run too fast or you don’t connect with your camera and you focus too slow or can’t connect with yourself or something that you need to connect with.  I have found it is best just to cut your losses and learn from it.  Today I saw early on that I did not like anything I was shooting, so I just put my camera down and played with the puppies.

Crappy days. Yep, crappy days can happen to everyone at one point or another; so learn to recognise when you are failing due to a crappy day/global ‘meh’ day and move on.  Don’t lose sleep over it and don’t sell your camera gear.  Just pick your camera up tomorrow and start shooting again.  XX



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