My Top Three Pet Photography Tips

My top three pet photography tips are:

1. Location location location.

Location is everything.  I am always looking for beautiful locations.  Somewhere absolutely stunning where the scenery and atmosphere is incredible and you just can’t help but look around your environment marvelling at how pretty it looks there.  That is the location that I want to photograph pets in.

In New Zealand, we are spoilt for choice.  In fact, I can think of about a dozen beautiful spots within 30 minutes drive of my house.  You just have to get out there and explore with your pets and your camera.

top tips for pet photos

Pick a beautiful location

2. Look for something different

Everyone is very familiar with their animals backs and the tops of their heads, after all, because we tower over them, that is what we see when we look down at them.  I like to get down on to their level and take a look at them the way their animal kingdom buddies would see them.  Get down on to their eye level… or lower and try to photograph them in a way you have not seen before or get yourself into a spot where you can get a unique perspective (you might get wet, or dirty or both).

Dog photos

Look for a different angle

3. Don’t rush

There are two main reasons rushing is bad for your photography.  Firstly, no one likes to be rushed and your pets are no exception. If you’re looking for happy relaxed looking pet photographs, don’t give yourself half and hour.  When you are still learning how to use your camera, this is an especially important point.  If you’re learning to shoot full manual, then it’s even more important.  Mastering correctly exposing pictures can be tricky and it takes time to know what settings will give you the exposure you’re looking for.  Secondly, rushing can lead to you missing the critical focus point.  There isn’t much you can do to save a picture that you’ve messed up because you didn’t take your time.

pet photo tips

Tip number 3


About Carol

I am a Pet Photographer based in Cambridge, New Zealand. I work with dogs and cats, but am available for work with horses, birds, reptiles & rocks. Contact me for all your pet photography needs