The UTTER Magic of Photoshop

Anyone who knows me knows I love photoshop.  I can spend hours and hours and still more hours photoshopping.  I know no moderation! Photoshopping all night and late into the wee hours of the morning is a regular occurrence. I never wake up with a photoshop hangover.  Yes, I love it that much.

Here is a quick edit of Spike McGruff the Boston from a recent location scouting model shoot for a pet photography workshop in Wellington with the rest of the Pet Posse.  Spike was absolutely adorable and he was a dream to photograph.  In this picture, I removed the lead and swapped his head.  In the first shot, Spike’s body position was better, but  he had a connection with the camera in another.  This was easily fixed by blending the two pictures together.

Inspite of a complicated background, the edit itself was relatively straight forward .  I used the clone stamp tool and carefully recreated the grasses in behind Spike.  Then I robbed his head from a different picture.  I use layers and layer masks to achieve this and make it pretty much invisible.

nb:  I go into depth with this method during the Pet Posse workshops

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